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ٴ : Expressions

˹ sa noy

˹ can be used as a replacement for Դ˹ nid noy to mean "well, alright then".

  1. Դ˹ nid noy : A little

    The simplest way to use it is when you directly replace Դ˹ with й. In the following example Թ˹ gin sa noy = ԹԴ֧ gin nid neung.

    [ͧ] Թ¡ѹ¤
    [] Թ˹¡

    [Nong Ja] gin kanom duay gan mai ka
    [Pee Aom] gin sa noy gor dee

    [Ja (younger)] Would you like to have some dessert ?
    [Aom (older)] Alright then.
  2. Doing something for someone.

    This is the more general case. As an example, consider the following situation using the formula

    bai ... sa noy
    OK, I'll go.

    Consider the following situation: Miss Ja is going to a wedding. Miss Aom doesn't really want to go but has to be polite, knowing that she was invited.

    [ͧ] 仧ҹ觧ҹ
    [] 仫˹¡

    [Nong Ja] Pee Aom ja bai ngan dtairng ngan mai
    [Pee Aom] bai sa noy gor dai

    [Ja] Miss Aom, are you going to the wedding reception ?
    [Aom] I suppose so.

    At first, Aom might have decided that she's not going to go. When Ja asks her to make her mind up, Aom realises it's the polite thing to do as it's a wedding after all and therefore goes.

Դ˹a little
Դ֧a little bit
snack, sweet
ҹ觧ҹwedding reception

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