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ٴ : Expressions


Emphasising a Retort

When said at the end of the sentence, can emphasise a retort.

[] ѹس价ӧҹ
[] ѹѹش

[Go] wan nee khun bai tam ngan ro ?
[Nop] gor... wan nee mai chai wan yud nee

[Go] Are you going to work today ?
[Nop] Well, it's not a holiday today, is it ?

[] س駢ŧѧ
[] 繶ѧй

[Go] tam mai khun mai ting kaya long tang
[Nop] gor... mai hen tang kaya nee

[Go] Why don't you put your rubbish in the bin ?
[Nop] Oh, I didn't see the bin.

[] ˧͡Ҵ
[] ͹

[Go] tam mai ngeua ork kanad nan
[Nop] ron nee

[Go] Why do you sweat so much ?
[Nop] It's hot !

[] 仧ҹѹԴ͹
[] ҡ仹

[Go] tam mai bai ngan wan gerd peuan
[Nop] gor... mai yak bai nee

[Go] Why don't you go to our friend's birthday bash ?
[Nop] I don't want to go.

Special version for women

with this meaning can be spoken as neenaa as well. The meaning is the same and has the same level of informality but sounds more girly and childish: men do not say .

...ŧto throw something away
ҹѹԴbirthday party

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